Let your wings embrace my heart!

Greetings all! I was planning to do a post about the BL (Boy’s Love) game “No Thank you!” which is being released by MangaGamer… in English! That’s right, it has begun…muahaha! But! I decided to do a little piece on the other BL game in my life, this time the ‘B’ stands for ‘Bird’.
Yup, it’s time for the wonderfully odd dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend!

Look at them. Aren't they beautiful? Damn right they are...!

Look at them. Aren’t they beautiful? Damn right they are…!

You are the only human left in a world of sentient birds. You attend the elite institution of St. PigeoNation’s. You live out your days like any other highschool girl. Well, that last one is a lie. It’s refreshing how strange your character actually is, she lives as a hunter-gatherer in a cave and seems to be completely at ease in this completely strange situation. But why are you the only human left? Where did every other human on the planet go? And what’s the story behind the missing students at St. PigeoNation’s…?
Well, you’ll have to get all the endings in the dating sim part of the game if you want to find out.
Hatoful Boyfriend has a second part to it know as ‘Bad Boy’s Love’ which explains the setting of the game, how things came to be this way and gets a whole lot darker!
(I haven’t actually got there yet, so this is all based on what I’ve read…don’t you judge me…)
Anyway, here’s a list of the birdies you can swoon over:

Ryouta – a rock dove and your childhood friend. Sweet and hardworking.
Sayaka Le Bel Shirogane – a fantail pigeon and the student council president. Stuck-up and arrogant.
Yuuya Sakazaki – a fantail pigeon and head of the infirmary team. Flirty and suave.
Nageki Fujishiro – a mourning dove and always in the library. Quiet and introverted.
San Oko – a fantail pigeon and captain of the track team. Hyper and strange.
Anghel Higure – a luzon bleeding-heart and member of the manga club. Delusional and eccentric.
Kazuaki Nanaki – a button quail and your homeroom teacher. Kind and ditzy.
Shuu Iwamine – a chukar partridge and the school doctor. Creepy and suspicious.

Sakaya was my first. Just look at those piercing eyes!

Sakaya was my first. Just look at those piercing eyes!

I would totally recommend Hatoful Boyfriend to any Otome game lover. The writing is funny and original, the characters are unique and loveable, not to mention the dark and bloody mystery lurking at the core of the story is a real pulling point!
The game is available on Steam and I recommend Negeki’s route if you’re looking for some sudden feels.

In other news, I’ve ordered a Ryouta body pillow from HumbleBundle.com.
I regret nothing.

Soon, Ryouta... soon. (Although Sayaka would have been preferable.)

Soon, Ryouta… soon.
(Although Sayaka would have been preferable.)