Let your wings embrace my heart!

Greetings all! I was planning to do a post about the BL (Boy’s Love) game “No Thank you!” which is being released by MangaGamer… in English! That’s right, it has begun…muahaha! But! I decided to do a little piece on the other BL game in my life, this time the ‘B’ stands for ‘Bird’.
Yup, it’s time for the wonderfully odd dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend!

Look at them. Aren't they beautiful? Damn right they are...!

Look at them. Aren’t they beautiful? Damn right they are…!

You are the only human left in a world of sentient birds. You attend the elite institution of St. PigeoNation’s. You live out your days like any other highschool girl. Well, that last one is a lie. It’s refreshing how strange your character actually is, she lives as a hunter-gatherer in a cave and seems to be completely at ease in this completely strange situation. But why are you the only human left? Where did every other human on the planet go? And what’s the story behind the missing students at St. PigeoNation’s…?
Well, you’ll have to get all the endings in the dating sim part of the game if you want to find out.
Hatoful Boyfriend has a second part to it know as ‘Bad Boy’s Love’ which explains the setting of the game, how things came to be this way and gets a whole lot darker!
(I haven’t actually got there yet, so this is all based on what I’ve read…don’t you judge me…)
Anyway, here’s a list of the birdies you can swoon over:

Ryouta – a rock dove and your childhood friend. Sweet and hardworking.
Sayaka Le Bel Shirogane – a fantail pigeon and the student council president. Stuck-up and arrogant.
Yuuya Sakazaki – a fantail pigeon and head of the infirmary team. Flirty and suave.
Nageki Fujishiro – a mourning dove and always in the library. Quiet and introverted.
San Oko – a fantail pigeon and captain of the track team. Hyper and strange.
Anghel Higure – a luzon bleeding-heart and member of the manga club. Delusional and eccentric.
Kazuaki Nanaki – a button quail and your homeroom teacher. Kind and ditzy.
Shuu Iwamine – a chukar partridge and the school doctor. Creepy and suspicious.

Sakaya was my first. Just look at those piercing eyes!

Sakaya was my first. Just look at those piercing eyes!

I would totally recommend Hatoful Boyfriend to any Otome game lover. The writing is funny and original, the characters are unique and loveable, not to mention the dark and bloody mystery lurking at the core of the story is a real pulling point!
The game is available on Steam and I recommend Negeki’s route if you’re looking for some sudden feels.

In other news, I’ve ordered a Ryouta body pillow from HumbleBundle.com.
I regret nothing.

Soon, Ryouta... soon. (Although Sayaka would have been preferable.)

Soon, Ryouta… soon.
(Although Sayaka would have been preferable.)


School’s out! Well, just on a trip, actually…

Yo! It’s been a while!
Well, the Doctor got a new phone, one that has access to the Google play store so my first order of business was of course to look for a variety of new pets; and by pets I mean virtual boys! I went and installed a bunch of dating sims from Voltage, one of them being “Class Trip Crush”. I talked about one of their games before – “Forged Wedding” – which I also have.
I guess it’s pretty obvious what I’m going to talk about, huh?

The selection of dapper young lads for you!

The selection of dapper young lads for you!

The basic plot line is that your character’s school – an all-girls school – is going on a joint class trip with the all-boys school next door. When getting on the coaches you suddenly need to pee and when you return your two buddies were jerks and sat next to each other, leaving you to choose one of the only free seats left – and they’re all next to the hot guys! Oh no! What’s a girl to do!
The first route I chose was with Nagisa (because his story was half price at the time, mainly…)
Nagisa is a super popular teen idol whose busy schedule leaves him no time to go to school, meaning he’s quite distant from his classmates. Naturally he dislikes this and wants to spend the class trip as a normal high school student but his production crew have other ideas…
In short, Nagisa is a total sweetie, and I liked his story. It was far better than Taketo’s anyway, which felt really rushed and blundering. He was clearly interested in your character from the start yet being the popular, flirty star football player you’re not sure if he’s being serious or just acting like he normally does. Long story short: there are misunderstandings, Taketo acts like a jerk, your friend Chi acts like a jerk, you cry a lot and in the end you two get together, but there are no apologies from him or Chi.
It certainly didn’t feel like the super happy end!

He may be pretty, but he's a bit of twat. Sometimes he's cute.

He may be pretty, but he’s a bit of twat. Sometimes he’s cute.

I haven’t played the other guy’s stories yet, since I have a massive line-up of guys in “Tonight in Your Arms” (Major player here!) yet I feel that Taketo’s story wasn’t really satisfactory and that it was rather ham-fisted. Still, the other character’s are quite fun, so he didn’t ruin the game.
Although, seeing him getting jealous did please my sadistic side…fufufu.

A song of fangirls and otakus

We’ve all heard of the Idolmaster series, right? The collection of games where you act as the manager for a selection of cute girls-turned-idols (hence the name) which also got an anime adaption? Well, don’t worry if you don’t know much about it, or if you’ve never even heard of it – I’m just here to tell you the series got a male version released!
While I don’t know much about the Idolmaster series nor have I ever played it, the creation of a version where you get to scout and manage a bunch of hot guys-turned-idols sounds like great fun to me!
But then again, I am super easy to please…

The gameplay looks pretty slick!

The gameplay looks pretty slick!

The basis of the Idolmaster games is that you, the player, scout out new potential Idols from everyday places, then you help make up dance routines, pick costumes, organize shows and preformes and generally help your Idols raise to fame and sparkly glory. The aim of Idolmaster: Side M is the same, but with guys. You can pick up fresh meat in the form of doctors, policemen, freelance writers, etc.
Of course, sadly Side M is only available on Android and IOS and is probably in Japanese, no English translation…
The game seems to work on a card function, where you have to have the card of the Idol in order to have them in the actual game, but not much infomation has been shared about that yet.
And, as naturally expected, there is much anger coming from the fans of the original all-female Idolmaster, claiming that the game designers are catering to a tiny demographic of “Fangirls and Fujioshi” and blah blah blah. Riddle me this then: if we are such a tiny demographic, then why is the company even bothering to release this game? Surely the idea must have came from somewhere and it must have been propelled forward on accurate infomation collected? Hmmm?
But let us not focus on the hate, but on the wonderful line up of wonderful men Side M offers! And the outfits of course…
Watch the trailer and find out more here!

We've got all the types you could ever want!

We’ve got all the types you could ever want!

Diabolik Lovers Part 2: I came for the blood, I stayed for the boys

I’ve finished it! The Diabolik Lovers anime series, that is. In my last post I vented my own opinions about the characters – well, the Sakamaki brothers, anyway – but I hadn’t finished watching the series so any opinion of mine wasn’t totally valid. But now I have finished all 12 episodes, thanks to being unable to sleep last night because of stupid ‘love’ issues (ugh, if only life was an anime, or even better, an otome game! *wink*) So now I can put together a more informed opinion, of which could be better if I had actually played the game.

The brothers are like cake: they look so damn good but are really evil!

The brothers are like cake: they look so damn good but are really evil!

So, remember how before I told you the Sakamaki brothers were all super jerks? Well, I don’t know what happened but around episode 6 something seemed to change; They didn’t seem as bad as before. Of course, they were still quite unsettling and cruel, but they were somewhat…nicer? I don’t think it was a case of me adjusting to their personalities, I mean I hadn’t watched it for some time, so I think the characters did start to mellow out. Even Reiji, king of arrogance, wasn’t so bad! You even saw a distinct change in main vampire Ayato, who actually started to act really sweet near the end!(Honestly, You all make me question my morals! I’m looking at you here, Ayato!)
Even Yui begins to change, growing a little bit of backbone and being more forceful towards the brothers – It’s all in vain, mind you, but you can’t fault a girl for trying!
Now Subaru, He’s amazing! Out of them all he is the only one who isn’t a super jerk, he just plays the strong, silent and distant card and you should love him for it. That’s an order! Subaru should be your favourite, then maybe Ayato because of his sudden sweetening. I cannot deny Kanato. I mean, who could hate mentally unstable, and creepy gothic ‘shota’ types?!
Of course, like other dating games-turned-anime before it (Togainu no chi, Uta no Prince Sama, etc.) Diabolik Lovers doesn’t have a concrete ending, due to the fact that the game had multiple endings based on which character you picked, but I think they handled the ending well for what they could do.

I have a weakness for red hair, white hair, green eyes, red eyes...bloody hell!

I have a weakness for red hair, white hair, green eyes, red eyes…bloody hell!

Diabolik lovers spoke to a lot of my interests, and like I said before the character design is just beautiful. The characters themselves are quite diverse and sometimes difficult to handle, which makes them even more interesting! Diabolik Lovers knows what it’s going for and it hits the target!
Seriously, It has found a place in my heart and I do not regret a single second I spent with it. I really want to play the game! Don’t knock it ’til you try it, bro!
There will be no vampire puns here!

Now, I have to go and buy some Subaru merchandise!

They should get to know us better, right Teddy?

They should get to know us better, right Teddy?

Samurais are stepping into the UK!

Raising Star games company has been known for drawing attention to obscure titles, their main one being the Harvest Moon franchise. Now, they set to break the mould of UK gaming by releasing their new title  Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi




Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi follows the story of Chizuru Yukimura searching for her missing father. She happens upon a band of samurai soldiers known as the Shinsengumi, who are sworn to serve the Shogen. They’re also looking for Chizuru’s father. She decides to join them, and uncover the mystery surrounding her father, and perhaps find love amongst these rough devils. What makes Hakuoki so special is the fact that it’s an Otome game for the 3DS. That’s right. A OTOME game. Here, in the UK.

The CG shots even look divine!

The CG shots even look divine!

Otome games (translated as ‘Maiden’ games) are dating sims aimed at girls. While they may not be totally uncommon in Japan, English released ones are practically a myth! Most Otome games are mainly found online (and most of them are indie) so having one released on a console is amazing! Is this the start of a new movement for females? Will we finally have the chance to enjoy being romanced by lovely 2D guys, samurai or not? Because I’m certainly not complaining!

On a less impressive note, JAST USA will not be releasing the major Otome franchise Starry Sky, due to certain issues with prices and voice acting.  The company say that they believe fans would enjoy the option of having the original Japanese voice overs as well as the English ones. Does anyone actually care? Shouldn’t fans be willing to give a little leeway on this matter if it means getting the games released over here?! C’mon guys, think! THINK!