A murder most DRAMAtical

It’s finally here, people! What’s finally here, you may ask. Well, y’all better listen up because the first episode of the anime adaptation of DRAMAtical Murder has aired!

The main character, Aboba Seragaki. He's quite a sweetie!

The main character, Aboba Seragaki. He’s quite a sweetie!

What is DRAMAtical Murder some of you might ask, and why do you spell it that way? Well, to answer the second question, I don’t really know – I saw it typed that way a few times and so assumed it was the proper way to type it. Now for the first question, DRAMAtical Murder is a BL (Boy’s love) visual novel from the company Nitro+ Chiral, who also made Lamento: Beyond the Void, Sweet Pool and Togainu No Chi – which also got an anime. The story follows Aoba Seragaki, a youth who enjoys living his simple, peaceful life until he gets accidentally caught up in a popular virtual reality fighting simulator known as ‘Rhyme’ and everything changes for him.
Trust me, it’s a lot more interesting and in-depth than I make it sound!
Naturally, as in any visual novel you follow certain routes for each character and the story changes and develops for whoever you get. Each route has a good end and a bad end, and I must give praise to DRAMAtical Murder for it’s bad endings! They really punch your heart!

The gang's all here! Starting from Aoba's left: Kojaku, Mink, Noiz and Clear.

The gang’s all here! Starting from Aoba’s left: Kojaku, Mink, Noiz and Clear.

As I mentioned before, another one of Nitro+ Chiral’s games got an anime; the bloody, darker Togainu no Chi. Sadly, the anime didn’t really work out near the end, with the story ending kinda abruptly. I think it would have been better if they had decided on one character’s ending for the conclusion…
Now while I haven’t played either game (I’ve only watched videos on Youtube, like the cool kids do) I did just watch the first episode of the DRAMAtical Murder anime, and I must say it was pretty darn good! The animation was nice, Aoba seems to be a fine leading character and while certain plot points were brought up and some left unexplained I’m certain they’ll be explained later in the series.

So, if BL’s your thing, and if you’re a DRAMAtical Murder fan or not, check out the anime! Although, watch out for Aoba’s fashion sense. While I love the guy, I have never had such a love/hate relationship with someone’s outfit!


Diabolik Lovers Part 2: I came for the blood, I stayed for the boys

I’ve finished it! The Diabolik Lovers anime series, that is. In my last post I vented my own opinions about the characters – well, the Sakamaki brothers, anyway – but I hadn’t finished watching the series so any opinion of mine wasn’t totally valid. But now I have finished all 12 episodes, thanks to being unable to sleep last night because of stupid ‘love’ issues (ugh, if only life was an anime, or even better, an otome game! *wink*) So now I can put together a more informed opinion, of which could be better if I had actually played the game.

The brothers are like cake: they look so damn good but are really evil!

The brothers are like cake: they look so damn good but are really evil!

So, remember how before I told you the Sakamaki brothers were all super jerks? Well, I don’t know what happened but around episode 6 something seemed to change; They didn’t seem as bad as before. Of course, they were still quite unsettling and cruel, but they were somewhat…nicer? I don’t think it was a case of me adjusting to their personalities, I mean I hadn’t watched it for some time, so I think the characters did start to mellow out. Even Reiji, king of arrogance, wasn’t so bad! You even saw a distinct change in main vampire Ayato, who actually started to act really sweet near the end!(Honestly, You all make me question my morals! I’m looking at you here, Ayato!)
Even Yui begins to change, growing a little bit of backbone and being more forceful towards the brothers – It’s all in vain, mind you, but you can’t fault a girl for trying!
Now Subaru, He’s amazing! Out of them all he is the only one who isn’t a super jerk, he just plays the strong, silent and distant card and you should love him for it. That’s an order! Subaru should be your favourite, then maybe Ayato because of his sudden sweetening. I cannot deny Kanato. I mean, who could hate mentally unstable, and creepy gothic ‘shota’ types?!
Of course, like other dating games-turned-anime before it (Togainu no chi, Uta no Prince Sama, etc.) Diabolik Lovers doesn’t have a concrete ending, due to the fact that the game had multiple endings based on which character you picked, but I think they handled the ending well for what they could do.

I have a weakness for red hair, white hair, green eyes, red eyes...bloody hell!

I have a weakness for red hair, white hair, green eyes, red eyes…bloody hell!

Diabolik lovers spoke to a lot of my interests, and like I said before the character design is just beautiful. The characters themselves are quite diverse and sometimes difficult to handle, which makes them even more interesting! Diabolik Lovers knows what it’s going for and it hits the target!
Seriously, It has found a place in my heart and I do not regret a single second I spent with it. I really want to play the game! Don’t knock it ’til you try it, bro!
There will be no vampire puns here!

Now, I have to go and buy some Subaru merchandise!

They should get to know us better, right Teddy?

They should get to know us better, right Teddy?

Diabolik Lovers – for all your sexy vampire jerk needs!

I’d heard of the Otome game Diabolik Lovers before, and I even did a little bit research into it – by which I mean I looked up someone’s description of each character’s route. Even back then the whole thing sounded creepy to me and so I decided to file it deep at the back of my mind. That was some time ago, and now future me has stumbled upon the anime adaption. So, what did I do? Naturally I started watching it, thinking that maybe the anime would be somewhat sweeter than it’s origin (like how Togainu No Chi was diluted as anime and denied a concrete ending, yet Keisuke still had to die!)
Oh, silly nieve me!

The main character, Yui. Isn't she cute?!

The main character, Yui. Isn’t she cute?!

Yui Komori transfers to a new high school and due to some arrangements ends up living in a dorm with the six super sadistic Sakamaki brothers (that’s right, there’s six of the buggers!) Ayato, Reiji, Shu, Kanato, Raito and Subaru. Not long after stepping foot into the Sakamaki manor Yui is attacked by Ayato who states that he is “going to take her.”
We’re off to a great start!
Luckily another brother, Reiji shows up to stop this but not because he is concerned or anything – he’d prefer it if they continued in Ayato’s room instead of in the manor foyer. Manners are important, kids!
After the introductions, the discovery of the vampirism and the threats Yui is resigned to her fate at the hands of these sexy super jerks and that’s all I’m saying for now (I’m only on episode six!)

Sounds fun so far, huh?
No. No it doesn’t.
My main problem with Diabolik Lovers? The brother’s personalities! They are all arrogant, emotionally unstable (have you seen Kanato?!) Insert swear words here creeps! Now, I love a bit of mental instability as much as the next creep, but when mixed with violent and sadistic vampires things can get a little disturbing. The abuse rate towards Yui – both physical and mental – is worryingly high each episode and most of the time you want to upper cut every Sakamaki brother and cuddle Yui while comforting her.
So why is this series so alluring?!
I haven’t played the game and only watched five of the fifteen minute episodes, yet I feel drawn back to it.
Don’t get me wrong; Diabolik Lovers is very popular and the character design is absolutely beautiful! The eye design is so unique! Stupid sexy Vampires, making me question my morals…
Perhaps the reason it’s so popular and compelling is the sole fact that it’s different.
Most Otome games give you some sweet fluffy candyfloss to dissolve in your mouth and feel satisfied at the lovely romance you’ve cultivated.
Diabolik Lovers poisons the candyfloss and bites your tongue, letting the thick blood slide down your throat while smirking coldly.

Diabolik Lovers: Not for the faint of heart – or those who don’t like vampire jerks – and you may feel a little slimy afterwards, but it’s an experience I won’t ever regret.
Now, I going to book some therapy sessions…

What do you mean by mentally unstable?!

What do you mean by mentally unstable?!

It’s all in the glasses…

He's so fab-u-lous!!!

He’s so fab-u-lous!!!

Is it just me, or is the most charming thing about Rei Ryugazaki from Free! his glasses? Don’t get me wrong, I love Rei-chan, but I find his glasses just so…alluring! Maybe it’s because of the colour contrast? Rei’s colours seem to be purple and blue (his main is purple, after all!) but his glasses are red! Such an effective technique!

I’ve always had a weakness for glasses, I don’t always go for the ‘glasses’ character, but if I see a character I already liked in glasses then it’s like ‘woah’! I call it SSF – ‘Specific Spectacal Fetish’.

In my opinion, the beautiful Grell is nothing without his red specs!

In my opinion, the beautiful Grell is nothing without his red specs!

‘Glasses’ are a staple for any series aiming for that moe factor! But they also provide so much more! They can make a character’s expression sinister if the light is reflected off them, hide revealing eyes, or just make someone cuter/cooler!

Boy character’s that wear glasses are known as ‘megane’ (I believe) and girl characters are ‘Meganekko’. They are normally sweet, quiet, gentle and smart, or the cool, intellectual type – although more characters are starting to break out of this troupe! I’ve noticed that ‘glasses’ boys are mainly used as ‘fetish tools’ (that sounds really harsh! XD) in otome and boy’s love media. Girls, we just can’t win! >_<