Boyfriends you can really get a taste for!

I’ll never forget that moment, stripping him of all that covered him and leaving him bare and exposed. My breath hitched in my throat as I caught a whiff of his scent. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I opened my mouth and put all of him inside and began chewing.
Disclaimer: This isn’t some kind of sadistic smut story! Honest!
It’s actually a relevent bunch of sentences, because I’m going to tell you about something that is both wonderful and completely weird.

Gum boyfriends.

Yup, you read that right. Gum boyfriends.
A new sales tactic developed by chewing gum manufacturers in Japan which sees certain gum brands given a human persona in the form of a hot high school guy. No complaints here!
Chewing gum sales in Japan have dropped in the recent years and companies are blaming it on the increased usage of smart phones by citizens. Gosh darn technology! Distracting us all from the once-loved past time of paying attention when we chewed gum! They hope to raise interest by using the characters to advertise and promote their gum.
(I think this is the most I have ever said ‘gum’…)

~ For Black Black we have cool Shigeki Black-senpai
~ For Acuo we have boy-next-door Seiryo Acuo
~ For GreenGum we have megane Shinryoku Gren
~ For Xylitol we have flirtly Shirakaba Xylit-senpai
~ Finally, for Fit’s we have cutie Yawaraka Fits

Honestly, I can’t do it justice! Have a look at the article on AnimeNewsNetwork, watch the promotional videos and bask in the wonderment that is Gum Kare!

…Is it wrong to enjoy this?


School’s out! Well, just on a trip, actually…

Yo! It’s been a while!
Well, the Doctor got a new phone, one that has access to the Google play store so my first order of business was of course to look for a variety of new pets; and by pets I mean virtual boys! I went and installed a bunch of dating sims from Voltage, one of them being “Class Trip Crush”. I talked about one of their games before – “Forged Wedding” – which I also have.
I guess it’s pretty obvious what I’m going to talk about, huh?

The selection of dapper young lads for you!

The selection of dapper young lads for you!

The basic plot line is that your character’s school – an all-girls school – is going on a joint class trip with the all-boys school next door. When getting on the coaches you suddenly need to pee and when you return your two buddies were jerks and sat next to each other, leaving you to choose one of the only free seats left – and they’re all next to the hot guys! Oh no! What’s a girl to do!
The first route I chose was with Nagisa (because his story was half price at the time, mainly…)
Nagisa is a super popular teen idol whose busy schedule leaves him no time to go to school, meaning he’s quite distant from his classmates. Naturally he dislikes this and wants to spend the class trip as a normal high school student but his production crew have other ideas…
In short, Nagisa is a total sweetie, and I liked his story. It was far better than Taketo’s anyway, which felt really rushed and blundering. He was clearly interested in your character from the start yet being the popular, flirty star football player you’re not sure if he’s being serious or just acting like he normally does. Long story short: there are misunderstandings, Taketo acts like a jerk, your friend Chi acts like a jerk, you cry a lot and in the end you two get together, but there are no apologies from him or Chi.
It certainly didn’t feel like the super happy end!

He may be pretty, but he's a bit of twat. Sometimes he's cute.

He may be pretty, but he’s a bit of twat. Sometimes he’s cute.

I haven’t played the other guy’s stories yet, since I have a massive line-up of guys in “Tonight in Your Arms” (Major player here!) yet I feel that Taketo’s story wasn’t really satisfactory and that it was rather ham-fisted. Still, the other character’s are quite fun, so he didn’t ruin the game.
Although, seeing him getting jealous did please my sadistic side…fufufu.