Bad Boys take Bad Medicine…

Bonnie Tyler once asked “Where have all the good men gone?” and she would have good right to if she saw Otome queens Rejet’s new project ‘Bad Medicine’.
I’ve talked about another one of Rejet’s creations, that being a certain ‘Diabolik Lovers’ before and if you remember the bounty of boys in that were suited to more…specific tastes. Well, it that seems to be the case for ‘Bad Medicine: Infectious Teachers’
That’s right, TEACHERS!

Good day class! Say hello to your new sadistic teachers!

Good day class! Say hello to your new sadistic teachers!

I’m totally a little late in delivering this news, but let’s do this anyway!
It seems that you – the protagonist – has severely broken some school rules, and now you have to take some special ‘guidance courses’. (this already sounds seedy, doesn’t it?)
You get the choice of six teachers, each one with a dark side.
There’s: The English teacher, Takahashi Hiroki
The Maths teacher, Terashima Takuma
The World History teacher, Takahashi Naozumi
The Chemistry teacher, Kashu Rem
The Civics teacher, Itou Kentarou
The Fine Arts teacher, Togo Kairi

…and guess what! Each one seems to carry a personal pain item with them! Well, maybe not ‘pain’ item, but each one has a recognisable item with them; Hiroki has his black gloves, Takuma has a cigarette, Naozumi has a one of those pointer things, Kashu has a set of handcuffs – with one restraint around his wrist, the other dangling free – Itou has a frickin’ whip and Togo has a small pair of scissors!
Bad Medicine is for PC, and you get Drama CDs of the characters, one side white for their normal personality and then a black one for their darker side.

A little snippet of the intro email detailing a bit of the story

A little snippet of the intro email detailing a bit of the story

Of course, because this is by Rejet the character design is just delicious. Each character they design has their own unique charm; be it the bags under Kanato’s eyes or the suspicious stains on Kashu’s lab coat. Each one is striking but not in an over-the-top way, and the eyes are just beautiful!
I have a thing for well-designed eyes, okay?
And that’s one of the reasons I love Rejet! But still, don’t take my word for it! Check out more information on the game and characters at Otome Jikan!


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