A song of fangirls and otakus

We’ve all heard of the Idolmaster series, right? The collection of games where you act as the manager for a selection of cute girls-turned-idols (hence the name) which also got an anime adaption? Well, don’t worry if you don’t know much about it, or if you’ve never even heard of it – I’m just here to tell you the series got a male version released!
While I don’t know much about the Idolmaster series nor have I ever played it, the creation of a version where you get to scout and manage a bunch of hot guys-turned-idols sounds like great fun to me!
But then again, I am super easy to please…

The gameplay looks pretty slick!

The gameplay looks pretty slick!

The basis of the Idolmaster games is that you, the player, scout out new potential Idols from everyday places, then you help make up dance routines, pick costumes, organize shows and preformes and generally help your Idols raise to fame and sparkly glory. The aim of Idolmaster: Side M is the same, but with guys. You can pick up fresh meat in the form of doctors, policemen, freelance writers, etc.
Of course, sadly Side M is only available on Android and IOS and is probably in Japanese, no English translation…
The game seems to work on a card function, where you have to have the card of the Idol in order to have them in the actual game, but not much infomation has been shared about that yet.
And, as naturally expected, there is much anger coming from the fans of the original all-female Idolmaster, claiming that the game designers are catering to a tiny demographic of “Fangirls and Fujioshi” and blah blah blah. Riddle me this then: if we are such a tiny demographic, then why is the company even bothering to release this game? Surely the idea must have came from somewhere and it must have been propelled forward on accurate infomation collected? Hmmm?
But let us not focus on the hate, but on the wonderful line up of wonderful men Side M offers! And the outfits of course…
Watch the trailer and find out more here!

We've got all the types you could ever want!

We’ve got all the types you could ever want!


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