Forging a deal with my heart…and my wallet!

In my last post I addressed the arrival of the 3DS game Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi (which I now have! Updates to come at a later date!) Now I’d like to draw your attention to another range of Otome games, only available on iPhone and iPad, sadly.

One of the titles is My Forged Wedding, in which you – the main character, of course! – arrive in Tokyo to find a job via your hat-wearing uncle. However when you arrive there a complete stranger asks a strange request of you – to pretend to be his wife for a month!                                                                                                                                                                                                     You get the choice of 5 lovely guys – Takao Maruyama, Yamoto Kougami, Takamasa Saeki, Kajima Yuta and Ren Shibasaki (Yamoto appearing to be the favourite) of who you get to spend month married to! Naturally the game’s ending depends on the choices you make throughout the story but there’s no room for heartbreak here, as you have the choice of getting two endings: a happy ending and a super happy ending! No bad ends, which mean there’s no chance of the game going all Corpse Party on you if suck at romance! (Which you must admit, would be an interesting plot twist…)

I never really considered getting married...but this is seriously a one-month trial!

I never really considered getting married…but this is seriously a one-month trial!

I may have said that they were “lovely guys” before, but as I scroll down the screenshots on google images (because I’m so original!) they actually seem to be rather…human. A sample of some of the dialogue:

— “I never thought it would turn me on so much seeing you play mommy.” (mommy, seriously?!)   


 — “You have to wear the apron over your naked body!” (We are NOT doing kinky   kitchen play!)


They don’t seem to play out the typical dream bishonen part, which perhaps is one of the reasons My Forged Wedding is so popular. That, and the more mature factor of the game. Sadly I can’t say more about these characters as I haven’t played the game! But I do think My Forged Wedding is a Otome game worth checking out! Now…I need to get myself an iPad…

Yes. Yes I do.

Yes. Yes I do.




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