Let your wings embrace my heart!

Greetings all! I was planning to do a post about the BL (Boy’s Love) game “No Thank you!” which is being released by MangaGamer… in English! That’s right, it has begun…muahaha! But! I decided to do a little piece on the other BL game in my life, this time the ‘B’ stands for ‘Bird’.
Yup, it’s time for the wonderfully odd dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend!

Look at them. Aren't they beautiful? Damn right they are...!

Look at them. Aren’t they beautiful? Damn right they are…!

You are the only human left in a world of sentient birds. You attend the elite institution of St. PigeoNation’s. You live out your days like any other highschool girl. Well, that last one is a lie. It’s refreshing how strange your character actually is, she lives as a hunter-gatherer in a cave and seems to be completely at ease in this completely strange situation. But why are you the only human left? Where did every other human on the planet go? And what’s the story behind the missing students at St. PigeoNation’s…?
Well, you’ll have to get all the endings in the dating sim part of the game if you want to find out.
Hatoful Boyfriend has a second part to it know as ‘Bad Boy’s Love’ which explains the setting of the game, how things came to be this way and gets a whole lot darker!
(I haven’t actually got there yet, so this is all based on what I’ve read…don’t you judge me…)
Anyway, here’s a list of the birdies you can swoon over:

Ryouta – a rock dove and your childhood friend. Sweet and hardworking.
Sayaka Le Bel Shirogane – a fantail pigeon and the student council president. Stuck-up and arrogant.
Yuuya Sakazaki – a fantail pigeon and head of the infirmary team. Flirty and suave.
Nageki Fujishiro – a mourning dove and always in the library. Quiet and introverted.
San Oko – a fantail pigeon and captain of the track team. Hyper and strange.
Anghel Higure – a luzon bleeding-heart and member of the manga club. Delusional and eccentric.
Kazuaki Nanaki – a button quail and your homeroom teacher. Kind and ditzy.
Shuu Iwamine – a chukar partridge and the school doctor. Creepy and suspicious.

Sakaya was my first. Just look at those piercing eyes!

Sakaya was my first. Just look at those piercing eyes!

I would totally recommend Hatoful Boyfriend to any Otome game lover. The writing is funny and original, the characters are unique and loveable, not to mention the dark and bloody mystery lurking at the core of the story is a real pulling point!
The game is available on Steam and I recommend Negeki’s route if you’re looking for some sudden feels.

In other news, I’ve ordered a Ryouta body pillow from HumbleBundle.com.
I regret nothing.

Soon, Ryouta... soon. (Although Sayaka would have been preferable.)

Soon, Ryouta… soon.
(Although Sayaka would have been preferable.)


Boyfriends you can really get a taste for!

I’ll never forget that moment, stripping him of all that covered him and leaving him bare and exposed. My breath hitched in my throat as I caught a whiff of his scent. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I opened my mouth and put all of him inside and began chewing.
Disclaimer: This isn’t some kind of sadistic smut story! Honest!
It’s actually a relevent bunch of sentences, because I’m going to tell you about something that is both wonderful and completely weird.

Gum boyfriends.

Yup, you read that right. Gum boyfriends.
A new sales tactic developed by chewing gum manufacturers in Japan which sees certain gum brands given a human persona in the form of a hot high school guy. No complaints here!
Chewing gum sales in Japan have dropped in the recent years and companies are blaming it on the increased usage of smart phones by citizens. Gosh darn technology! Distracting us all from the once-loved past time of paying attention when we chewed gum! They hope to raise interest by using the characters to advertise and promote their gum.
(I think this is the most I have ever said ‘gum’…)

~ For Black Black we have cool Shigeki Black-senpai
~ For Acuo we have boy-next-door Seiryo Acuo
~ For GreenGum we have megane Shinryoku Gren
~ For Xylitol we have flirtly Shirakaba Xylit-senpai
~ Finally, for Fit’s we have cutie Yawaraka Fits

Honestly, I can’t do it justice! Have a look at the article on AnimeNewsNetwork, watch the promotional videos and bask in the wonderment that is Gum Kare!

…Is it wrong to enjoy this?

School’s out! Well, just on a trip, actually…

Yo! It’s been a while!
Well, the Doctor got a new phone, one that has access to the Google play store so my first order of business was of course to look for a variety of new pets; and by pets I mean virtual boys! I went and installed a bunch of dating sims from Voltage, one of them being “Class Trip Crush”. I talked about one of their games before – “Forged Wedding” – which I also have.
I guess it’s pretty obvious what I’m going to talk about, huh?

The selection of dapper young lads for you!

The selection of dapper young lads for you!

The basic plot line is that your character’s school – an all-girls school – is going on a joint class trip with the all-boys school next door. When getting on the coaches you suddenly need to pee and when you return your two buddies were jerks and sat next to each other, leaving you to choose one of the only free seats left – and they’re all next to the hot guys! Oh no! What’s a girl to do!
The first route I chose was with Nagisa (because his story was half price at the time, mainly…)
Nagisa is a super popular teen idol whose busy schedule leaves him no time to go to school, meaning he’s quite distant from his classmates. Naturally he dislikes this and wants to spend the class trip as a normal high school student but his production crew have other ideas…
In short, Nagisa is a total sweetie, and I liked his story. It was far better than Taketo’s anyway, which felt really rushed and blundering. He was clearly interested in your character from the start yet being the popular, flirty star football player you’re not sure if he’s being serious or just acting like he normally does. Long story short: there are misunderstandings, Taketo acts like a jerk, your friend Chi acts like a jerk, you cry a lot and in the end you two get together, but there are no apologies from him or Chi.
It certainly didn’t feel like the super happy end!

He may be pretty, but he's a bit of twat. Sometimes he's cute.

He may be pretty, but he’s a bit of twat. Sometimes he’s cute.

I haven’t played the other guy’s stories yet, since I have a massive line-up of guys in “Tonight in Your Arms” (Major player here!) yet I feel that Taketo’s story wasn’t really satisfactory and that it was rather ham-fisted. Still, the other character’s are quite fun, so he didn’t ruin the game.
Although, seeing him getting jealous did please my sadistic side…fufufu.

A murder most DRAMAtical

It’s finally here, people! What’s finally here, you may ask. Well, y’all better listen up because the first episode of the anime adaptation of DRAMAtical Murder has aired!

The main character, Aboba Seragaki. He's quite a sweetie!

The main character, Aboba Seragaki. He’s quite a sweetie!

What is DRAMAtical Murder some of you might ask, and why do you spell it that way? Well, to answer the second question, I don’t really know – I saw it typed that way a few times and so assumed it was the proper way to type it. Now for the first question, DRAMAtical Murder is a BL (Boy’s love) visual novel from the company Nitro+ Chiral, who also made Lamento: Beyond the Void, Sweet Pool and Togainu No Chi – which also got an anime. The story follows Aoba Seragaki, a youth who enjoys living his simple, peaceful life until he gets accidentally caught up in a popular virtual reality fighting simulator known as ‘Rhyme’ and everything changes for him.
Trust me, it’s a lot more interesting and in-depth than I make it sound!
Naturally, as in any visual novel you follow certain routes for each character and the story changes and develops for whoever you get. Each route has a good end and a bad end, and I must give praise to DRAMAtical Murder for it’s bad endings! They really punch your heart!

The gang's all here! Starting from Aoba's left: Kojaku, Mink, Noiz and Clear.

The gang’s all here! Starting from Aoba’s left: Kojaku, Mink, Noiz and Clear.

As I mentioned before, another one of Nitro+ Chiral’s games got an anime; the bloody, darker Togainu no Chi. Sadly, the anime didn’t really work out near the end, with the story ending kinda abruptly. I think it would have been better if they had decided on one character’s ending for the conclusion…
Now while I haven’t played either game (I’ve only watched videos on Youtube, like the cool kids do) I did just watch the first episode of the DRAMAtical Murder anime, and I must say it was pretty darn good! The animation was nice, Aoba seems to be a fine leading character and while certain plot points were brought up and some left unexplained I’m certain they’ll be explained later in the series.

So, if BL’s your thing, and if you’re a DRAMAtical Murder fan or not, check out the anime! Although, watch out for Aoba’s fashion sense. While I love the guy, I have never had such a love/hate relationship with someone’s outfit!

Bad Boys take Bad Medicine…

Bonnie Tyler once asked “Where have all the good men gone?” and she would have good right to if she saw Otome queens Rejet’s new project ‘Bad Medicine’.
I’ve talked about another one of Rejet’s creations, that being a certain ‘Diabolik Lovers’ before and if you remember the bounty of boys in that were suited to more…specific tastes. Well, it that seems to be the case for ‘Bad Medicine: Infectious Teachers’
That’s right, TEACHERS!

Good day class! Say hello to your new sadistic teachers!

Good day class! Say hello to your new sadistic teachers!

I’m totally a little late in delivering this news, but let’s do this anyway!
It seems that you – the protagonist – has severely broken some school rules, and now you have to take some special ‘guidance courses’. (this already sounds seedy, doesn’t it?)
You get the choice of six teachers, each one with a dark side.
There’s: The English teacher, Takahashi Hiroki
The Maths teacher, Terashima Takuma
The World History teacher, Takahashi Naozumi
The Chemistry teacher, Kashu Rem
The Civics teacher, Itou Kentarou
The Fine Arts teacher, Togo Kairi

…and guess what! Each one seems to carry a personal pain item with them! Well, maybe not ‘pain’ item, but each one has a recognisable item with them; Hiroki has his black gloves, Takuma has a cigarette, Naozumi has a one of those pointer things, Kashu has a set of handcuffs – with one restraint around his wrist, the other dangling free – Itou has a frickin’ whip and Togo has a small pair of scissors!
Bad Medicine is for PC, and you get Drama CDs of the characters, one side white for their normal personality and then a black one for their darker side.

A little snippet of the intro email detailing a bit of the story

A little snippet of the intro email detailing a bit of the story

Of course, because this is by Rejet the character design is just delicious. Each character they design has their own unique charm; be it the bags under Kanato’s eyes or the suspicious stains on Kashu’s lab coat. Each one is striking but not in an over-the-top way, and the eyes are just beautiful!
I have a thing for well-designed eyes, okay?
And that’s one of the reasons I love Rejet! But still, don’t take my word for it! Check out more information on the game and characters at Otome Jikan!

Nostalgia – My memories of meeting the Shinsengumi

This is a little post of remembrance and gratitude to the men of Hakuoki. My first encounter with them was in Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi for the 3DS and since then I’ve developed a intense love and sense endearment to them.

Memories of the Shinsengumi was my first hands-on experience of a visual novel, as they are quite rare in the UK. I knew what to expect from the genre – basically reading a story but my choices can effect certain outcomes and I get to pick a character route to go down. I also expected the focus to mainly be on the romance and the wooing and such, but it seems I was to be proven wrong.
Yes, Hakuoki does focus on romance but it also has it’s own story going on, of which I must admit sometimes went over my head as it involved old Japanese politics (and hey, let’s be honest, I don’t even understand modern day politics) but what I did know was that slowly over time I was becoming attached to the band of sword swinging samurai.

Okita, you're making it REALLY hard for me to like you...

Okita, you’re making it REALLY hard for me to like you…

I say slowly, because the first chapter of the game is just the Shinsengumi deciding whether to kill poor Chizuru or not, and since she saw one of their darkest secrets you guess what the answer was. Of course, that nasty fate was avoided but Souji Okita didn’t do well for his first impression in that chapter. But that was the thing with Okita – He was quite the asshole when you first meet him, but if you go down his route then you discover that he’s not actually that bad and can be quite sweet too. That was something I loved about Hakuoki: Memories – you didn’t get to really know a character unless you stick with them right to the end.
Th story plays out the same each time up until chapter 4, where you will branch off with the character you have the highest affection with. And it’s after chapter 4 when all the heart break starts.

They may just be 2D men to you, but to me they're special friends...

They may just be 2D men to you, but to me they’re special friends…

When the chapter number pops up you have a image behind it for the first three chapters, but on chapter 4 and every chapter after you get a close image of your chosen samurai, from the nose down (it looks better than I describe, trust me!)
It wasn’t long after this on my first play-through – when everything was new and shiny – that my dear Saito got a corruption bar on his profile, and then a cold pulse of fear ran through me. Was his life in danger? Was there a chance that my sweet Saito could die? Would it be my fault? Or was it something that I couldn’t prevent? I began to worry that the image of him on the chapter change would one day disappear.
It was a genuine fear of mine. And I loved it.
I wasn’t expecting such worry, nor was expecting the chance of game overs. Yes, Memories has game overs, as in you die or your beloved dies. We aren’t playing My Forged Wedding here, people!
Points yet again go to Okita for game overs, as there is a choice near the end of his story which can lead to one of his game overs and let me tell you, it’s like a punch to the heart!
You punched my HEART, Okita! My Heart!
Of course, you may need to play through each character’s story several times to get all their CG/Artwork but that’s to be expected from any branching story set up.

So now, I get to excitedly look forward to the arrival of PS3’s Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi – which will arrive the day after my higher history exam, bliss! – Where I’ll get to experience new memories with the wonderful men of the Shinsengumi, and I’ll never regret a single second I spend with them.
Except maybe Sanan…that dude’s creepy…

A song of fangirls and otakus

We’ve all heard of the Idolmaster series, right? The collection of games where you act as the manager for a selection of cute girls-turned-idols (hence the name) which also got an anime adaption? Well, don’t worry if you don’t know much about it, or if you’ve never even heard of it – I’m just here to tell you the series got a male version released!
While I don’t know much about the Idolmaster series nor have I ever played it, the creation of a version where you get to scout and manage a bunch of hot guys-turned-idols sounds like great fun to me!
But then again, I am super easy to please…

The gameplay looks pretty slick!

The gameplay looks pretty slick!

The basis of the Idolmaster games is that you, the player, scout out new potential Idols from everyday places, then you help make up dance routines, pick costumes, organize shows and preformes and generally help your Idols raise to fame and sparkly glory. The aim of Idolmaster: Side M is the same, but with guys. You can pick up fresh meat in the form of doctors, policemen, freelance writers, etc.
Of course, sadly Side M is only available on Android and IOS and is probably in Japanese, no English translation…
The game seems to work on a card function, where you have to have the card of the Idol in order to have them in the actual game, but not much infomation has been shared about that yet.
And, as naturally expected, there is much anger coming from the fans of the original all-female Idolmaster, claiming that the game designers are catering to a tiny demographic of “Fangirls and Fujioshi” and blah blah blah. Riddle me this then: if we are such a tiny demographic, then why is the company even bothering to release this game? Surely the idea must have came from somewhere and it must have been propelled forward on accurate infomation collected? Hmmm?
But let us not focus on the hate, but on the wonderful line up of wonderful men Side M offers! And the outfits of course…
Watch the trailer and find out more here!

We've got all the types you could ever want!

We’ve got all the types you could ever want!